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The difference between Intel i7 M and QM?

Main problem courtesy of John: Difference between intel i7 M and QM?

What is the difference i7 “M” and “QM” because I am looking at a computer on numerous websites and when looking at the specs it says i7-2640M on the Dell website and on other websites/shops to purchase off, it says i7-2640qm.

So what is the difference?

It is the Dell XPS 15z

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Answer by Carl

The i7-620M is a dual-core processor and has integrated graphics built-in. If the M15x is capable of switching to integrated graphics then that would give you a lot better battery life (Intel’s current mobile quad-core processors do not have built-in graphics).

If that’s not the case I would go with the 740QM; it is a quad-core processor as noted and should you run anything that is multi-threaded (games, music encoding, etc), it will have a performance advantage.

Answer by pyrhyc

Ok, the difference between the “M” and “QM” is dual core and quad core. There is not an i7-2640QM, yes I know, I have seen the advertisements for laptops containing the i7-2640QM, but they are wrong or mistaken if you want to be kind about it. There is only the i7-2640m which is dual core, they don;t make the 2640 in a quad core, but there is an i7-2630QM. You can find specs for all of Intel’s processors at ark.intel.com The link below is for the i7-2640M, try to search the i7-2640QM and see what you get.


BTW; Carl is incorrect about Intel’s current i7 not having integrated graphics. 10 months ago he would have been correct, but the second generation i7′s currently available do have the integrated graphics.

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The difference between Intel i7 M and QM?

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